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SMA vs. BNC: Best Solution for Your RF Applications

In the world of electronics, two types of RF connectors come up often in discussions: SubMiniature version A (SMA) and Bayonet Neill–Concelman (BNC). According to Data Alliance, SMA cables, plugs, and antenna adapters are especially used for wireless antennas, Wi-Fi routers, access points...


Data Privacy Tips to Protect Personal Information

The entire world moves towards a digital-oriented future, in which digital footprints are just as real as the physical ones, and often replace them for good. It is empowering to store all your important data in a tiny memory chip inside your phone, but this approach has brought several challenges as well...


Exploring the World of Virtual Reality

According to Statista, the global Virtual Reality market size is projected to increase to 22 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. But what is Virtual Reality, aka VR, in the first place? It’s our gateway into a huge array of unexplored, computer-generated worlds and experiences. By making use of VR, people are immersed...


5 Tech Gadgets Changing the Way We Live and Work

Lots of interesting gadgets are being built these days, and many of them promise to make our lives healthier, more productive, or simply more comfortable. Here’s my list of five devices that have the potential to impact the way we live and work for good. FitBit Charge 4. This health and fitness tracker can monitor...


A Guide to Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

It’s not a surprise for anyone that in the digital era, businesses are increasingly reliant on technology. However, this reliance also brings with it several risks, especially in the realm of cybersecurity. Here are a few ideas that will help business owners understand the major risks associated with cybersecurity...


Cloud Computing: Benefits and Risks for Businesses

In simple terms, cloud computing is a technology that allows companies of all sizes and individuals to use various computing resources over the Internet. What kind of resources are we referring to? Some people rent virtual servers, for example, tailoring them to their needs in terms of CPU power...