5 Tech Gadgets Changing the Way We Live and Work

Lots of interesting gadgets are being built these days, and many of them promise to make our lives healthier, more productive, or simply more comfortable. Here’s my list of five devices that have the potential to impact the way we live and work for good.

FitBit Charge 4

This health and fitness tracker can monitor your heart rate, sleep pattern, and activity levels. Nothing really special so far, right? Well, hang on for a while, because FitBit also incorporates a GPS, Spotify controls, measures your cardio fitness score, is swim-proof, includes several dozens of goal-based exercise modes, and much more. And the icing on the cake? A hard-to-beat 7-day batter life!

Peloton Bike

If you have bought the FitBit, you need to buy a Peloton Bike - “The cardio dream machine”, according to its creators. It’s not a cheap exercise bike, but it features a huge screen and an impressive set of speakers. However, the most attractive feature by far is access to thousands of live and on-demand classes. It’s as if you brought a fitness studio into your home! Those who want to have a healthier lifestyle without needing a gym membership will appreciate this bike for sure.

Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

Inspired by the sunrise, Philips’ Wake-up Light uses a combination of light and sound to wake you gently, helping you feel more refreshed in the morning. People who use it sleep better and are more productive throughout the day, according to its maker. And if you aren’t happy with the built-in sounds, you can use your favorite FM radio station instead.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad was laughed at in the past, with many people saying it is just a big iPhone. Very few people laugh now because the new generation of “M” chips has turned Apple’s tablet into a powerful machine. People use iPads to edit movies, for example, and the 12.9-inch screen is gorgeous. I have to admit that the optional accessories are pricey, but having the keyboard is a must, and the pen is needed if you do any kind of graphic design work.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

This purifier cleans the air and heats or cools you, depending on your preference. It removes odors and tiny particles, including pollen and pet dander. Its advanced technology doesn’t include spinning blades, making it safe for people of any age, and easy to clean. You can use this purifier in the office or at home because it has got the “Parent Tested Parent Approved” seal of approval.

I hope that you liked the article. I strongly believe that these devices can help us stay healthier and maybe even happier individuals in our homes, while supporting us in becoming better equipped for work.

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